Student & Parent Access 24/7

Jupiter Grades lets students and parents check their current grades and homework online anytime. Everyone has their own password, so grades are always private. Everything is updated live, so you never need to upload anything. Or you can turn off web access and email grades instead. Jupiter is fully compliant with FERPA and COPPA.

Compatible Anywhere

You can access Jupiter Grades from any computer with internet access: Mac or Windows; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. No software or plug-ins to install! No need to carry a flash drive!


The mobile version for iPhone, iPad, and Android lets you easily take roll in the gym, do quick homework checks, and submit referrals while monitoring the hallways. Parents and students have mobile access too.

Email & Alerts

Email grade reports and send text messages directly from Jupiter to students and/or parents. Or set automatic alerts for parents whenever a student is absent, missing assignments, or has low grades.

Online Tests

Jupiter is the maker of JunoEd.com, so you can create your own online tests, quizzes, and worksheets. Students work on computers, tablets, or smartphones, then their scores are entered directly in your gradebook, so you don’t need to do any data entry!